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'The Process' the process!

So for most of you that are wondering what the hell happened to the December, 2017 release date for 'The Process', let me begin by saying "SORRY!"

As you all know, "life" happens and things that you can never plan for seem to find their way into everyday life that hold you back from, in this case, getting things out on time! As the proud father of a very determined and boisterous two-year old, a lot of things - not just this novel - have taken back burner, and rightfully so. As anyone with kids out there knows, these first few years are an exciting, wonderful, and trying time that I would be foolish to miss out on. As the novel was coming to an end and the loose ends were being tied up, she started walking, talking, and basically becoming a full-blown little kid right before my eyes. AWESOME to say the least. That said, priorities shifted, to include 'The Process', and my focus was diverted a tad. Ok...a LOT. But that's perfectly OK!

Otherwise, 'The Process', which will be my first novel, is well underway and will be completed soon. Becoming a writer, more specifically, an author, is an undertaking I never fully appreciated until recently, as the work it took to actually write, flesh out, and complete a full-length novel for the first time is a momentous amount of work. I learned a lot along the way and am still figuring new things out even now. Not to get all George Lucas'y on my manuscript, but I did indeed finish the story only to realize that I needed to go back in and tweak a lot of things to make it my more "complete vision". Hey, at least I didn't wait 20 years to change it, but I digress.

All that said, please follow this blog and subscribe to keep up on all the major announcements concerning 'The Process' and Lumen Emerson Publishing that are on the way. Take care and much more to come!

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