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THANKS are in order!

Just wanted to drop you guys a quick line and say THANK YOU! For those of you that purchased the ebook or the paperback, as well as some of you that got BOTH (?!!), I sincerely appreciate the support and hope you enjoy it (them)!

I cannot believe this thing is finally out. It was a massive undertaking, and there is no way I could have finished it without the support of my wife and daughter. They kept the home fires burning while I was locked away for untold hours, huddled over my computer trying to get this think out into the world. Fiona pretty much "did Christmas" this year, and for that, I am grateful!

As for The Process, I really do hope you guys enjoy it. It's really my first serious attempt at writing a novel, and I'm terrified at how it will be received, lol. Even after editing it three times, re-reading it more times than I care to admit, and an extensive grammar check, I'm sure there are still one or two typos or other things that still remain. I will never see a typo in a professionally published book and make fun of it ever again, lol, finding them all is insanely hard work! I will update the Kindle version in a week or so with some minor fixes, but the paperback is pretty much in stone until I release a new edition of it, which I plan on doing in the future.

That said, I hope you guys are honest and let me know how I did! Please leave a review on Amazon for the version you read, either e-book or paperback after you're done. Ratings help me to get a sense on what I did right and what I may have done wrong.

Again, a MILLION thanks to you guys, my friends and family, who have stuck by me through all of this. I told you it would come out!

Here's to the next! :)

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