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Tis the season! Almost...

As always folks, thanks for the continued support; you guys know who you are. My best friends and my closest family members have given nothing but encouragement during the writing of this novel and I cannot wait to release it so you all can start reading. Here we are, on the eve of the release date and I have some slightly bad news...The Process is not ready yet. :(

That said, my plan to still have it out by Christmas is a GO. The only problem is you guy might not get paperbacks in hand until after the 25th with all the crazy shipping woes that plague carriers this time of year. My best hope is to have the paperbacks in production by Friday night, which will hopefully mean that if you have Amazon Prime 2-Day shipping, it's "possible" that you'll get your copy by the 25th. That said, as soon as everything is ready, I will share links with everyone I can on every platform that I can!

Again, nothing but thanks to you guys for continuing to believe in The Process. It's coming, I promise, and I think it will be well worth the wait!

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