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Miles Morgan...FINALLY

Ok, so I realize it's been QUITE A WHILE since I've shared anything Miles Morgan related, so here's something: the game Jason and I started nearly 4 years ago is finally getting a green light for development! I've been working hard behind the scenes to get this beast off the ground and after several years of groundwork, story writing, and figuring out just what sort of game this would be, it's finally beginning to happen.

I've struggled for a long time trying to decide what the game was going to look like and how it would play, meaning... what type of adventure game would this be? An RPG? Action/adventure? Point and click?? Trust me, if I had a dollar for every time I've launched head first into a new engine to see how the world of Miles Morgan would fit, I wouldn't have to release a game at all, I could retire a rich man! Miles has seen an insane amount of different looks, styles, play types, etc., and until now I could never really settle on one that just felt completely right. That said, here we are, all the way back at the beginning, in the engine that started it all, and for lack of a better term, it's full steam ahead!

The most major change in this whole process is that instead of designing and creating an entire full-length Miles Morgan game, I'm going to focus on a much more manageable and, let's be honest, less-stress-inducing chunk of the overall story (which is epically HUGE), by designing the game in an episodic format.

Basically: splitting the game into four sections, and releasing one episode at a time.

There are several reasons why I am going to approach the Miles Morgan project in this way, but the main one is that I find that only focusing on one segment at a time, making it good and focused, and fitting the development time into my already busy life will not only ensure that it actually gets completed (finally) but that I'll get to maintain some level of sanity in the process. Having a full time job, which I love, while making time for my amazing 7-year-old, writing and recording a new Witches of Endor album, and, frankly, making time to game, all battle for my attention on the daily! Deciding to develop and ultimately release an independent video game from scratch just seemed like the next logical thing to add to my already crazy schedule, right?

Anyway, all that said, I just wanted to touch base with any of you out there who might still follow this blog and who might still be even faintly interested in this game that we announced years ago and then went completely silent on for a very long time! Trust me, the game is still going to be amazing, and I do fully intend to release it not only on PC, via Steam, but a Nintendo Switch port could still be in the cards, but who knows. Stay tuned for more, and I promise it won't be radio silence from here on out, I plan to lay out updates and development news here on the site semi-regularly. Thanks for reading, and here's to Miles Morgan & The Journey To The Bottom of The World!



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